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  1. Tis’ the Season to be Foggy

    Tis’ the Season to be Foggy

    Christmas, widely celebrated as the season for cheer and goodwill to all men, but what about the aftermath of the festivities; those lurking beneath the streets?

    It’s a time for decadent menus with lashings of roasties, meats and sauces but also, inevitably, a time for a potential increased output of fats, oils, grease and solids into the public sewer system. Businesses and households are busy rustling up festive feasts but the by-products can be disastrous for pipework.

    The possible increase in FOG isn’t the only thing that’s cause for concern; the cold weather doesn’t help matters. Fats, oils and grease solidify more quickly in pipes when the temperature drops during winter (or fatberg season). With detrimental elements all coming together to create a perfect storm…or fatberg, there’s plenty to contend with at this time of year.

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