Product Spotlight: The Goslyn Grease Recovery Unit


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Grease traps have emerged on to the market in a big way what with the public’s attention being drawn to those hideous fatbergs clogging up sewer systems. To tackle those immense conglomerations of fats, oils, grease, baby wipes and condoms plus anything else people deem to throw down the drain, businesses need a tried and tested product that’s up to the job.

Enter the Goslyn Grease Recovery Unit!

Here we put the Goslyn GRU Grease Removal Unit (formerly the Grease Master FOG Recovery Unit FRU) in the spotlight and discover exactly why this grease trap system is so acclaimed.

The Goslyn / Grease Master Brand

Goslyn (formerly GreaseMaster) is a trusted brand within the grease trap industry. Based in the US its impact has been felt around the world, being used by many major, big-name operators. Its popularity and success is undoubtedly due to its effectiveness and efficiency in managing fats, oils, grease and solids (FOGS) in foodservice operations.

Providing the last major line of defence against the onslaught of FOG, never before has the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ been more apt. The experts at Grease Master/Goslyn have developed a range of grease recovery devices to make this philosophy a reality.

GRU Mechanics…or Lack of Them

Acknowledging that FOGS are notoriously damaging to the environment and the sewer systems, Goslyn have made it their mission to design and perfect the manufacture of grease interceptors that perform to exceptional standards with a 99.6% separation rate. The outcome of all their dedication and hard work is a grease management solution that successfully filters solids of 2mm+, separating fats and oils and ejecting nothing but water into the drainage system. Leaving nothing to chance, all GRUs in the range also feature a manual flush valve to remove any fine residual sediment that may have escaped the primary filter.

“The Goslyn Separator is a patented, immiscible liquid separator which operates under hydro static pressure and has no moving parts.” Goslyn Environmental Systems

Sounds complicated right? Well, it isn’t.

The design consists of a primary filter to remove solids; the first point of contact for effluent entering the trap. Following this filtering process, the oil and water mix travels through to the main chamber. The liquid is heated to prevent fats, oils and grease from solidifying; the FOG naturally floating on the surface of the water. This is where Goslyn/Grease Master utilise the science behind hydro static pressure to force FOG up through the oil valve and through to the collection container. Any fine particulates sink to the bottom ready to be manually flushed out daily. All remaining water continues through the outflow and into the sewer system free of fatberg feeding materials.

Breakdown of Goslyn grease recovery unit design

More than Effective Separation of FOG

While the Grease Master / Goslyn grease recovery unit is undeniably effective at preventing kitchen cooking waste from obstructing drains, they also offer so much more.


Gone are the days of the messy cleaning associated with passive (aka manual) grease traps. Cleaning the system is simple and can be carried out in house by any trained member of staff. It takes just a couple of minutes per day to empty the solids filter, flush any additional particulates from the main chamber and responsibly dispose of all accumulated FOG. This can be disposed of together with other used kitchen oil for total convenience. An additional benefit is a reduction in the odour typically occurring in passive tanks. As FOG is continuously removed and particulates either filtered or flushed, organic matter doesn’t sit stagnant in the tank causing a stink.


All automatic grease traps are considered more efficient than manual alternatives. As passive models store and hold FOG until emptied, a point will eventually be reached when the trap will no longer be effective until after cleaning has been carried out. FOG is continuously removed from a GRU making it capable of efficient performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Heavy duty construction using high grade 304 stainless steel guarantees an end result that is durable, hard-working and built to last.

Compact in design with a minimal footprint, these acclaimed grease separators are suitable for Goslyn Grease Separator both small and large kitchens that need something unobtrusive but still capable of delivering massive performance.

The design lends itself to versatile positioning; generally wherever there’s FOG, a Goslyn grease recovery unit can be installed. Equally effective whether placed below a sink, connected to a dishwasher or even used in conjunction with combi ovens or rotisseries, performance is always guaranteed.

All grease systems use a standard three pin plug, requiring only minimal electrical power to operate the integrated heater (so don’t worry about big electricity bills). The heater is essential to warming the waste water and maintaining the fluidity of FOG to effectively assist and facilitate efficient grease separation.

As a non-mechanical system, these units benefit from no moving parts. This means there’s less to break or go wrong, resulting in a simple, straight forward grease management solution. There’s no need for the use of chemicals; just the natural flow of effluents will suffice.

No hassle, minimum fuss, maximum result.

Industry Compliant

As you would expect from any big set-up, the Goslyn series fully complies with industry codes to guarantee that businesses are always protected. All products are capable of reducing FOG below 100ppm, well below industry standard guidelines. With so many certifications backing up the brand, businesses can always be confident that they’re investing in quality equipment that works.

Goslyn certifications

Models in the Goslyn/GreaseMaster Range

  • A Trap for Every Flow Rate

The needs of every business will differ depending on the size of the kitchen, the equipment that the GRU has to serve and the litres per minute flow rate typically experienced. To accommodate all variables Goslyn have a range of capacities available to meet all demands. Choose from GOS20, GOS40, GOS60 and GOS80, each increasing in size and suitable for any scale of business. Also on offer is a low profile model where the height to the outlet is reduced.

  • Can Be Retrofitted

Thinking of installing a Goslyn automatic grease recovery unit? There’s no need for a whole kitchen make-over. All traps can be easily retrofitted into any premises allowing everyone to take advantage of this popular grease management system.

  • Manufacturers Warranty

With a massive 5 year warranty supplied as standard, confidence in the product and the brand is instilled.

Grease traps have never been more essential in the foodservice industry and so should be considered an investment just like any other piece of commercial catering or refrigeration equipment. While the initial investment of automatic units is higher than manual alternatives, remember that there will be no ongoing costs incurred thereafter such as cleaning, chemicals and pump out costs etc. Goslyn/Grease Master grease separators are proven to generate savings – something that every canny business loves to hear.

For more information or to discuss options get in touch with our sales team today and take the first step to a cleaner, healthier drainage system and environment.