What Are WEEE Regulations?

Last Updated: 21st Mar 2024

WEEE Regulations were implemented on 1st January 2014 and replaced the original 2006 Directive. The primary aim of the legislation is to “reduce the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) incinerated or sent to landfill sites*” and promote the responsible and environmentally sound removal, treatment, disposal and recycling of such products. These regulations are applicable to any manufacturer, producer or direct distributor of electrical products to the UK market.

All manufacturers should be able to supply full details on available services, a definition of symbols and explanation of processes and cause and effect in regard to disposal of WEEE.

What Do the Regulations Apply To?

The regulations apply to any equipment that requires electricity to operate. This may include some battery powered items. Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) falling under the WEEE regulations are split into 14 wide term categories. More information regarding these categories can be found here.

Electrical equipment will also typically utilise components that are considered damaging to the environment such as refrigerants are in commercial refrigeration. The safe removal of these potentially hazardous elements is vital. Although there has been a significant advancement of technology and a greater understanding of environmental issues resulting in less equipment on the market containing ozone depleting substances, there is still a percentage of the market comprised of potentially damaging equipment. Responsible removal and disposal of such elements by a registered company is critical.

Look Out for the WEEE Symbol

All equipment applicable to WEEE Regulations will be clearly marked with a crossed out wheelie bin symbol. This signifies that it should be appropriately recycled in line with legislation. No electrical waste should be placed in refuse bins and must be disposed of in accordance with WEEE guidelines.

Recycling Services in Accordance with WEEE Regulations

Many of our manufacturers aim to offer customers buying new commercial equipment the opportunity to return their old 'like for like' units for recycling and reprocessing. All relevant documentation supporting the responsible collection, disposal and recycling of products will be kept and made available to customers for a period of 4 years. 

Designers, manufacturers and producers are also encouraged to implement equipment designs that facilitate the easy dismantling, re-use and recycling of all WEEE components. 

Our Commitment

At FFD Grease Management Solutions we are committed to observing environmental awareness and lessening impact on the planet and as such all equipment that we supply and the manufacturers that we work with are compliant with WEEE Regulations.

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