Frequently Asked Questions


At FFD Grease Management Solutions we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and support. We often find that the same questions repeatedly come up and so we've created our FAQ page to clear up some of the most commonly asked questions.

If you have any other queries please contact us either by phone, email or via Live Chat.


What Payment Types Do You Accept?

How Do I Make Payment?

What If I Do Not Want To Put My Card Details In Online?

Do You Accept Credit Cards Registered Outside of the UK?


When Will My Order Be Delivered?

What If My Order Is Not In Stock?

How Much Do You Charge For Delivery?

What If Any Of The Products Arrive Damaged?

Do You Offer Timed Deliveries?

Will I Receive a Call Before my Delivery?

What if I'm Not There To Accept Delivery?

I've Ordered Stock and Booked In Tradespeople. Will You Cover the Cost?

What Vehicle Will my Delivery Be Made On?

Will My Order Be Brought Inside?

Who Do I Contact If I Have A Query About My Online Order Or Delivery?

Do You Deliver On Weekends?

Do You Ship To Outside The UK?


We Care for Your Security

Are My Credit Card Details Secured?

How Do You Secure My Payment Information?

How Do I Know You Are A Real Organisation?

What Is SSL?

What Is Your Privacy Policy?

Cancellations & Returns

What Is Your Returns & Cancellation Policy?

What Is a Restocking Fee and Why Do I Have to Pay One?

Products & Purchases

Will My Item/s Look Exactly Like the Picture on the Product Page?

I've Ordered Incorrectly, Can I Get a Full Refund?


What Do I Do If my Equipment Has A Fault?

What Does My Warranty Cover?

What If My Equipment Is Out of Warranty?