At FFD Grease Management Solutions, we recognise the importance of quality customer service, manufacturers and products. As such we are affiliated with a number of key grease management solutions authorities and official bodies within the sector, listed below;

CEDA Group Member

FFD Grease Management Solutions are proud members of CEDA.

Aligned with the Catering Equipment Distributors Association and joined by over 100 other companies, CEDA brings together a number of leading businesses specialising in areas including design, projects and equipment for the catering, foodservice and hospitality industry. Promoting professionalism and exceptional service within the industry we can guarantee you high standards in every aspect of your experience and best code of practice.

ceda approved catering equipment specialist logo ceda approved catering equipment specialist logo

Cedabond Member

FFD Grease Management Solutions is part of Cedabond.


Comprised of a number of leading manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, our inclusion in this organisation ensures that we can offer the best possible prices across our full range of equipment.

Having proven its success for over 40 years, Cedabond gives us the opportunity to offer all of our customers access to market leading equipment at the most competitive prices.

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FCA Approved

FFD Grease Management Solutions is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The Financial Conduct Authority regulates any business that deals with financial systems. All FCA approved companies must observe a strict set of rules set out according to the FCA and must continually satisfy this criteria. The FCA enforces that consumers receive honest, fair and effective services to protect not only customers but also the economy.

We fully comply with all criteria and regulations set out by the Financial Conduct Authority as do the 3rd party leasing companies we work with, giving you peace of mind that you're in safe hands.

ISO Compliant

FFD Grease Management Solutions is a fully ISO 9001 compliant business.

ISO 9001 is one of a family of standards a business can be accredited in, with the full title being “ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems – Requirements”. The standard defines the minimum requirements that a Quality Management System (QMS) must contain.

A Quality Management System is a management framework that comprises of the procedures, policies and other requirements of a business or organisation that ensure customer requirements are met in a consistent fashion that results in good customer satisfaction.

The core of the ISO family of standards is the Plan, Do, Check, Act framework. It is a cycle that can apply to any business procedure or process and can be an invaluable management tool.

Plan: Establish the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with customer requirements and the organisation's policies. This feeds into “Do”:
Do: Implement the processes. Here we go and do what we planned and record what we did and what happened. These records then feed into “Check”:
Check: Monitor and measure processes and product against policies, objectives and requirements for the product and report the results. This feeds into the fourth step, “Act”:
Act: Take actions to continually improve process performance which feeds back into plan. We identify ways we can improve and feed this back into the “Plan” stage of the cycle.
The Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle provides a business or organisation with the framework to provide continual improvement in every aspect of the business. An ISO compliant company continually monitors their procedures through Internal Audits, Management Review meetings and customer feedback to continually improve and ensure they are providing quality of service to customers in a consistent and ever improving fashion.