Outdoor Epoxy Grease Traps

Outdoor and underground grease traps are typically a grease management solution suited to larger businesses that experience a higher flow of waste water that may contain fats, oils and grease (or FOG). Working on the same basis as indoor grease traps, water and solids fall to the bottom of the box leaving fats, oils and grease to float on the top ready to be skimmed and responsibly disposed of. The secure, tight fitting lid prevents any escape of FOG that could damage the environment and also means that nothing can fall in.

Although under sink grease traps are the preferable option, outdoor grease traps can provide a central point for grease filtering where multiple sources of waste water meet and are treated with a single grease management unit. This often means that outdoor and underground grease traps will need to be larger and deal with a higher flowrate than indoor manual grease traps which will typically only serve a single source of waste water.

Outdoor grease traps are typically made of epoxy coated steel. Epoxy steel grease traps are designed to be durable and hardwearing whilst withstanding external conditions and weathering environmental changes.