Warranty Quick Facts

Last Updated: 21st Mar 2024

Choosing the right level of warranty cover is essential when buying commercial equipment. It is vital that you understand the level of warranty that is supplied as standard or, where warranty options are available, that you understand what each warranty covers you for should you experience any problems. 

Here we answer some of our customers frequently asked questions. Alternatively, visit our Warranties Pagefor more information. If you would like more information about equipment warranties, please give our team a call on 01455 815214 or contact us via email, Live Chat or Whatsapp. 


What Do I Do If my Equipment Has A Fault?

If you experience a fault with your equipment get in touch with our customer service department. They will ascertain the level of warranty cover you have on your equipment and whether you are within your warranty term. They may be able to offer some simple checks that can be made that could potentially remedy the issue before calling out an engineer. If these checks have been made and the problem persists, our customer service team will be able to talk you through the process of warranty claims. 


Should you experience any issue with your equipment within the first 30 days after receiving delivery, an engineer will attend site, even if your initial purchase was made with a parts only warranty. If the problem is deemed to be an electro-mechanical fault, the cost of the engineers call out within this 30 day period will be covered by the manufacturer whether you have a parts only or full parts and labour warranty. Where the issue is deemed to be due to user error, the call out will be chargeable.

What Does My Warranty Cover?

Commercial warranties will only cover the cost of electromechanical breakdowns and does not include wear and tear damage or issues caused by user error. For more information please read our Warranties Page.

I've Got a Parts Only Warranty, Why Won't You Cover The Cost Of An Engineer? 

If you have a parts only warranty, the cost of any replacement parts required to fix the equipment will be covered however you will have to pay for labour costs and engineers call-outs yourself. A full warranty will cover the cost of engineer call-out, diagnosis and repair as well as the price of replacement parts. Please Note that the level of warranty you choose at the point of purchase will be final - it isn't possible to choose parts only for example and then upgrade to parts and labour should a problem occur.

My Equipment Needs New Parts and I Have A Parts Only Warranty, Do I Have To Pay A Deposit?

On rare occasions, certain manufacturers will require some faulty parts to be returned to them at the customers own cost. Your parts only warranty will cover;

  • the cost of the new replacement part, and
  • shipping of the new part to the same delivery address as the original order was made.

A £250 deposit is required in these circumstances and will be held until the faulty part has been received by the manufacturer. At this point the deposit will be fully refunded. Replacement parts will not be dispatched by the manufacturer until a deposit has been received.

I've Got A Full Parts and Labour Warranty, Why Do You Need A Deposit?

A £250 fully refundable deposit will be requested prior to an engineer attending site even if you have a full parts and labour warranty. Labour cover does not honour wear and tear, user error or anything that is not related to mechanical manufacturer fault or failure and until an engineer has confirmed the cause of the issue, we ask for a deposit to cover potential charges related to a non-warranty call out. On receipt of the engineer's report being received by us, the entirety of the deposit will be returned unless it is found to be a non-warranty issue in which case the remaining balance after charges will be returned. If warranty charges exceed the total of the deposit, the customer must pay the discrepancy. 

What If My Equipment Is Out of Warranty?

Unfortunately if your warranty has expired we will be unable to cover any costs incurred during repair of equipment. We can offer engineer contact details if you require.

Are There Any Times When My Warranty Will Not Be Valid?

Where equipment is purchased for use in a domestic address, labour cover will not be honoured by certain manufacturers.

Is My Warranty Valid If I Ship My Equipment Off The UK Mainland?

Where equipment has been shipped outside of mainland UK, labour warranty may be void. This may also include offshore islands and Northern and Southern Ireland in some cases. A parts cover will still stand however additional delivery costs to ship out replacement parts will be chargeable. For manufacturer and geographical information about warranty cover in relation to non-mainland UK addresses please contact our team.