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  1. Grease Traps - Everything You Need To Know

    When it comes to running a successful food service operation, effective management of FOG (fats, oils, and grease) is of utmost importance. Without proper management, the consequences can be alarming. Did you know that clogged pipes and sewer backups caused by FOG accumulation can lead to expensive repairs and regulatory fines? Here we layout the basics including what grease traps are, how they work and the types of grease management solutions that are available. 

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  2. Commercial kitchen

    The Essential Grease Trap Buying Guide

    Grease traps have become a major part of any catering and foodservice set-up. Legislation has clamped down on the effects that FOG laden waste water has on the sewer system and the environment and therefore buying the right grease trap has never been more important. Here we discuss exactly what grease traps are in all their forms, how they prevent dreaded fatbergs and how to make sure you buy the right type and size for your business.

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  3. What Size Grease Trap Do I Need?

    What Size Grease Trap Do I Need?

    Every year, millions of litres of wastewater get dumped into the drainage system in the UK alone from activities carried out in commercial kitchens. On the same thread, water companies spend millions clearing blockages caused by fatbergs which are as a direct result from the FOG introduced by this wastewater from the commercial kitchen.

    To prevent this from happening, authorities have introduced laws, regulations and guidelines that involve the usage of grease traps in any commercial establishment serving food. While this isn’t compulsory at present in England, it is strongly advised and will likely become a legal requirement (as it is in Scotland) very soon. You could pay hefty fines for failure to use the appropriate grease traps as directed by your local authorities.

    Given the importance of a grease trap to your business and the environment at large, it is important for you, as a commercial kitchen owner, to understand what kind of grease trap you need and the appropriate size for maximum effect

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