Last Updated: 30th Oct 2023

A Trusted Supplier for Grease Traps in the Greater London Area

UK Grease Traps Direct are an established supplier of grease management solutions in London and around the UK. With a range of manual and automatic grease traps and bio-dosing systems, excellent grease management can be achieved by every hospitality business. London grease traps are in massive demand due to the densely populated districts of central London and surrounding areas where FOG production is high thanks to an increased proportion of food and drink premises and large volumes of residents and tourists. Investing in a quality grease management system in such areas is essential.

London Grease Traps Fighting Fatbergs

Fatbergs are a well-documented occurrence around the UK and indeed the world. Fatbergs are known to form in areas of the country with a higher concentration of people. This is typically larger cities where there are more restaurants, cafes, attractions and a general higher population of people in a single place. The capital city is one of the major areas susceptible to fatbergs, the resturants and foodservice establishments cited as being one of the main contributers. In fact it has been widely reported that nine out of 10 did not have adequate systems for keeping waste out of sewers according to the BBC in a report from 2017.

Fatbergs are comprised of large masses of fat, oil and grease (FOG) that are washed into the sewer systems typically from foodservice and catering businesses and also from residential homes. This on its own wouldn’t pose as much of a threat however when this is combined with other debris which makes its way into the sewer through unresponsible flushing of items such as wet wipes, cotton buds, sanitary products and contraception, giant blockages occur.

Many businesses are now waking up to the importance of employing suitable grease management solutions, especially in these fatberg hotspots however there are still some who seem to be neglecting the issues. Following educational messages from water authorities around the UK that highlight the environmental impact and responsibility that businesses have in relation to grease management, including initiatives by Thames Water grease traps are now a more widely acknowledged element for environmental repair. Enquiries for London grease traps has seen a huge surge not only for buying purposes but also installation and maintenance. It’s great to see that the nationwide message and education surrounding the effects of FOG and fatbergs is finally hitting home with those companies that can help to solve the issue.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance in London

It’s important for every business to choose the right grease management solution to meet individual demands. From the type and positioning to the size, making informed decisions is critical. We can help to determine your requirements and offer advice where needed. Just as important as choosing the grease trap itself, understanding cleaning and maintenance procedures is equally vital. We can help to establish your requirements and ensure that your grease management system is also ready to fight the FOG.

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